About Swami ji

A Saint known as ‘ Nar Avatar ‘ Swamiji devoted his time on earth to extreme penance renunciation and ‘ maun’ (silence). ‘Bhagwat Bhajan’ through ‘Kirtan’ was one of his simple teachings. He believed that truth, dharma, compassion and charity were the pillars of a decent existence. The surest path to Narayan could only be attained in the human form, after leading a life filled In contemplation, reverence along with adulation. Shri  Paramhans Narayan Swami was born in 1880 in Moradabad India in a wealthy Mathur Kayastha family. At a very early age it was evident that he had a Godly inclination. He would go into the forest during the day and spend hours in meditation and prayer. He married Kokila Rani, worked as Custom and Excise Inspector , had 3 girls and a boy( after praying to Bihari ji in Vrindavan). When his wife died in 1920 Swamiji decided to turn his life to the pursuit of God . Leaving his son and daughter in the care of his brother( the other two were married by now)Swamiji quit his job and started his life of extreme life of penance , often standing on one leg in knee deep water for days chanting ‘ Narayan Narayan ‘ After years of searching for a Guru he was rewarded when Narayan came to him in a blaze of sunlight, As if several Suns were shining at the same time . He was told to go to Badrinath as BadriVishal was his Guru. Thus , Maharajji as he was also called fondly came down from the Himalayas with a new wind under his wings!! He started spreading the name of Narayan . A simple Saint he wandered on his own along side the river Ganges from Badrinath in the Himalayas , to Rishikesh Haridwar Kanpur Araul and beyond In the latter years of his life. He did not stay at any one place for more than a few months. He wore very little, ate very little and spoke very little,observing long periods of silence and abstaining from food, an embodiment of his own teachings. During his travels from east to west, north to south in India while in ‘tapasya’ Maharajji gathered a huge following . He did not believe in giving ‘Diksha’ leaving no ashram., only a temple of Shiva in Aakin near Kanpur.

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